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for Enterprise and Software Architecture.

Simplicity and Social Collaborative Team Work for user satisfaction and efficiency

Models help to structure - Views help to communicate.
They should be Hyperlinkable, Easily Forged and built in a Collaborative Way. We choose Native Web.



What does 'Simple' mean to us?

We just need box and lines to express ideas.
Boxes in box means composition.
Line between boxes means they are associated in some ways.

Use an hashtag, like with Twitter, to say a box or line means #this

No complicated Metamodel to understand or use, just tag a concept and get the meta level inferred for you

We believe a model should be readable and editable with text only, then it opens a whole universe of possibilities: full-text indexing, version control, command line tools, easy diff, easy sharing and import/export

Collaborative & Social

What does 'Collaborative' mean to us?

You can share and get notified about any change of the content. All parties may add rich text annotations, bookmarks, tweets, votes, likes, rich annotations or even live-chat together about any box or line.

You are familiar of google docs or other similar live editing tools. Share your model or view and enable your team for real-time change or contribution at the same as you do.

You may choose to simply copy some box and lines or inherit from some of their tags, links or characteristics only. Later if a change is made, your inherited model can be updated automatically.

If your change requires validation, you may markup a model or a view, and notify it to a human or an other system. Team and individual inboxes help track the flow. Once approved, new values will automatically be changed.

All versions history is kept so you never lose anything and can always roll back to a particular point in time.

Some teams collaborate, some others reuse. You can apply a specific template and publish the URL of your view privately or publicly in one click.

All your assets and diagrams have a URI, so they are 1 click away from you prefered wikis, blogs, or any web enabled application or user interface. We also provide Gists to deeply integrate your diagrams in other tools like wikis, blogs, etc.
You can also choose to store any Zenmodeler data in your prefered source code repository like svn or git.


What does 'Open' mean to us?

ZenModeler is 100% HTML5 and WebGL User Interface. We like your browser whether it runs on a smartphone, tablet, pc, mac or linux device. Gain time and just use it now. with zero install. ZenModeler is true SaaS.

ZenModeler is designed firstly with a RESTful API in mind. You can smoothly integrate it with your existing software or extend it the way you want.

Our Web Orientation means you can truly link all your content based on your models with a simple http anchor

We strongly commit to your Data's privacy and ownership, you can export your whole dataset in a comprehensive manner at anytime and our storage and transfer implements encryption by default.

Concrete & Close to Reality Modeling

What does 'Close to Reality' mean to us?

Get insights about the way your software is structured, interacts or get updated by the developers with stunning 3D views. is ready: visualize your code in 3D now!
We provide multiple interactive and graphical visualizers to represent impact analysis, delta analysis, statistical analysis, or multi-dimensional analysis

Once your domain is structured, you can use it to derive new assetslike software specification (even executable if you're used to BDD techniques), test scenarios, etc. In a pragmatic way.

You choose which pieces are important. We completely agree with M. Fowler about UML, abstracting means focusing on what's importantand only you can do that. So we let you filter your software source code to tell us the important pieces and we help you visualise and be informed of any updates

Because your assets has a lot of value, we have features to integrate them smoothly. We speak the format of Troux, Aris, Casewise, Mega.

Take a look at our first awesome feature: 3D source code visualization

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